Quizzes to Test Your Beer Knowledge

Quizzes to Test Your Beer Knowledge

Whether you are a seasoned beer enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of craft brews, testing your beer knowledge can be a fun and educational experience. From the history of beer to different beer styles, there is so much to learn about this beloved beverage. So, grab a pint and get ready to take these quizzes to see how well you know your beer!

Quiz #1: Beer History

How well do you know the history of beer? Test your knowledge with these questions:

  1. Which ancient civilization is credited with the discovery of beer?

    • a) Egyptian
    • b) Greek
    • c) Sumerian
    • d) Roman
  2. What is the oldest known recipe for beer, dating back to around 1800 BCE?

    • a) Hymn to Ninkasi
    • b) The Epic of Gilgamesh
    • c) The Iliad
    • d) The Odyssey
  3. Which country is famous for its Oktoberfest celebration?

    • a) Ireland
    • b) Germany
    • c) Belgium
    • d) United States
  4. When was the Reinheitsgebot (German Beer Purity Law) enacted?

    • a) 1516
    • b) 1789
    • c) 1892
    • d) 1945
  5. What is the meaning of the term “Craft Beer”?

    • a) Beer brewed by monks in monasteries
    • b) Mass-produced beer from large commercial breweries
    • c) Beer made with traditional brewing methods by independent breweries
    • d) Beer brewed using only organic ingredients

Quiz #2: Beer Styles

Do you know the difference between a Lager and an IPA? Find out with these questions on beer styles:

  1. Which of the following beer styles is known for its dark, roasted malt flavors?

    • a) Pilsner
    • b) Witbier
    • c) Stout
    • d) Hefeweizen
  2. What is the main ingredient used in making a sour beer?

    • a) Hops
    • b) Wheat
    • c) Barley
    • d) Wild yeast/bacteria
  3. Which beer style originated in the Belgian region of Flanders and has a fruity, vinous character?

    • a) Gueuze
    • b) Lambic
    • c) Flanders Red Ale
    • d) Saison
  4. The term “IBU” stands for:

    • a) International Beer Unit
    • b) International Bitterness Unit
    • c) International Barleywine Unit
    • d) International Brewing Union
  5. Which beer style is typically higher in alcohol content, characterized by intense hop bitterness and flavors?

    • a) Pale Ale
    • b) India Pale Ale (IPA)
    • c) Hefeweizen
    • d) Amber Ale

Quiz #3: Brewery Trivia

How well do you know your breweries? Test your knowledge with these questions:

  1. Which brewery is responsible for the iconic Guinness Stout?

    • a) Budweiser
    • b) Heineken
    • c) Anheuser-Busch
    • d) Guinness
  2. Where is the famous Trappist brewery, Westvleteren, located?

    • a) Belgium
    • b) Germany
    • c) Netherlands
    • d) United States
  3. Which brewery is known for its iconic IPA, “Two Hearted Ale”?

    • a) Stone Brewing
    • b) Sierra Nevada Brewing
    • c) Firestone Walker Brewing
    • d) Bell’s Brewery
  4. Which American craft brewery is credited with starting the “haze craze” with their popular New England Style IPAs?

    • a) Dogfish Head Brewery
    • b) Russian River Brewing Company
    • c) New Belgium Brewing Company
    • d) Tree House Brewing Company
  5. In which country is the brewery “Weihenstephan” located, known for being the oldest continuously operating brewery in the world?

    • a) Germany
    • b) Ireland
    • c) Belgium
    • d) Czech Republic

How Did You Do?

After taking these quizzes, it’s time to see how well you know your beer! Check the answers below and tally up your score:

Quiz #1: Beer History

  1. c) Sumerian
  2. a) Hymn to Ninkasi
  3. b) Germany
  4. a) 1516
  5. c) Beer made with traditional brewing methods by independent breweries

Quiz #2: Beer Styles

  1. c) Stout
  2. d) Wild yeast/bacteria
  3. c) Flanders Red Ale
  4. b) International Bitterness Unit
  5. b) India Pale Ale (IPA)

Quiz #3: Brewery Trivia

  1. d) Guinness
  2. a) Belgium
  3. d) Bell’s Brewery
  4. d) Tree House Brewing Company
  5. a) Germany

Count how many correct answers you got in each quiz and see how you fare:

  • 0-3: Beginner beer lover
  • 4-6: Intermediate beer enthusiast
  • 7-9: Advanced beer aficionado
  • 10-12: Beer expert in the making

No matter your score, taking these quizzes is a great way to expand your knowledge and appreciation for beer. Cheers to your love for this remarkable beverage!